Punctuality, strict responsibilities and bonus programmes - are all about scheduled service. There are a lot of distinctive features that we need to remember buying scheduled service tickets.

  1. Such services are operated with large Russian and foreign airlines (Aeroflot, Transaero, Etihad, Emirates) running on schedule. If you will be the the only passenger there the airline will be flown nevertheless. The reputation is enough important for them that’s why they cannot cancel the flight because of the lack of passengers.
  2. The cabin is divided into 3 classes: the 1st class, Business and Economy classes. The 1st class is the most comfortable and expensive. The average one is Business class. You can buy the most budgetary tickets in the Economy class which are taken 85 % of the plane.
  3. Scheduled services are working all year round. Their flights can be daily but the time is the same during all year. You can buy such tickets any time unrelated to the popularity and seasonality of the direction.
  4. You can return tickets if your plans have been changed. As a rule, you can be offered with the paid service of 100 % refund. However, if you haven’t chosen that service, the air carrier is ought to return some per cent  from the ticket cost.
  5. Bonus programmes are proposed because of the significant competitive. There can be different discounts for the pensioners, students, children and often travelling passengers at the scheduled services. Moreover, there are a lot of  clearance sales for the scheduled services.

Speaking about the booking, you can care about it In 90 days before as minimum. As the departure date is closer the cost ticket is more expensive. The most comfortable tickets getting for the scheduled services is the usage of the mambo24travel.com - the web-site which is provided cheap tickets.