User Agreement


At registration or when placing an order on the site each User accepts this User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement").



REUNION - Limited Liability Company "REUNION" (107032, Moscow, Kuznetsky Most street, 19 p.1Com 1-12).

The USER - is a capable person who has reached the age of 18 and who has the legal right to enter into a contractual relationship with the REU, including placing an Order or booking services on the site, either designated as the recipient of the service or Who uses the services purchased on the site, exclusively for personal, home and other needs not related to the implementation of entrepreneurial activities.

The SITE - is the website of the RJEON on the Internet, located at, where the Order is executed by the User.

ORDER - a duly executed request of the User to receive the services selected on the Site.

An ELECTRONIC PASSENGER TICKET is a document used to certify the contract of carriage of a passenger in which the information on the transportation of the passenger is presented in electronic digital form. The passenger is provided in the form of a routing ticket of an electronic ticket.

USER ACCOUNT is a personal account of the User in the REUNION, to which the funds are credited in the event of the User's return or refusal from the previously paid Order. These funds can be used as a prepayment for subsequent User Orders from the REUNION or returned to the User in the manner provided in this Agreement.

The RESERVATION SYSTEM is an information system containing information about the flight schedules, the availability of seats for flights, the tariffs of air carriers and the rules for their application, as well as other conditions for the provision of the services offered. The specified information is placed on the site in full accordance with how it is represented in reservation systems by the direct providers of these services (air carriers) or their authorized representatives. The information in the booking system can be changed or supplemented at any time, in connection with this the User is requested to use the "as is" booking system.

The OPERATOR is a staff member of the REUNION processing User Orders, requiring individual "manual" processing.



1.1. When ordering services through the REUNION, the User agrees with the terms of the Public Offer Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement"), set out below. The RERU is providing the User with services for providing information and booking services for third parties (airlines) for air transportation in accordance with the parameters given by the User (date, time, route, number of passengers and other conditions of transportation) on the relevant application of the User.

1.2. This Agreement, as well as information on services provided on the Site, is a public offer in accordance with Article 435 and Part 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

1.3. The provisions of the current legislation of the Russian Federation are applied to the relations between the User and the REUNION. The services of third parties for air transportation booked by the User are regulated by the rules of the respective carrier and the applicable tariff. Tariffs for international destinations that are not refundable in the event of passenger's refusal to transport are regulated by international norms in the sphere of air transportation and rules established by the respective carrier. In this connection, the user agrees to familiarize himself with the provided RENUION when booking the fare rules for the selected air ticket.

1.4. All contracts for the provision of air transportation services, information about which is posted on the Site, are concluded by the User directly with the persons providing these services, i.e. Carriers. The contract of air transportation concluded by the User with the carrier is certified by the Electronic passenger ticket.

1.5. REUNION reserves the right to amend this Agreement, in connection with which the User undertakes to independently monitor the changes in the Agreement posted on the Site on a regular basis.

1.6. The User agrees with this Agreement by clicking on the "Book / Buy" button at the last stage of the Booking on the Site. By agreeing to the terms of this Agreement, the User confirms his legal and operational capacity, financial viability, and is aware of responsibility for the obligations imposed on him as a result of the conclusion of this Agreement. The user confirms the authenticity of his personal data, as well as the data of passengers and assumes all responsibility for their accuracy, completeness and reliability. The user assumes all possible commercial risks (execution of a new Order, change of tariff, refund, etc.) related to his actions to make mistakes, inaccuracies in the provision of requested data.



2.1. For registration of the Order, the User must register on the Site by specifying the e-mail address to which the registration is made. In case of absence of registration of the User on the Site, the REUNION will register the User on its own, directly upon execution of the Order by the User. The registration is made to the e-mail address specified by the User in the appropriate field, which in the future will be used as a login to the User's personal cabinet on the Site. At the same time, the password to the personal cabinet on the Site is sent to the e-mail specified by the User.

2.2. REUNION is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of information provided by the User at registration. The User undertakes not to disclose to the third parties the login and password specified during registration. In the event that the User has suspicions regarding the security of his login and password or the possibility of their unauthorized use by third parties, the User agrees to immediately notify the REU by sending an e-mail to or through the feedback form posted on the Site. All information exchange between the Parties regarding the User's Order and fulfillment of other obligations under this agreement is effective via e-mail, the address of which was specified by the User at registration. In this regard, the User undertakes to monitor the status of his Order on a regular basis, up to the time of using the ticket purchased on the Site, including checking his e-mail for information about possible changes, and if necessary, contacting the REUNION by phone, indicated on the Site or through the feedback form posted on the Site. Responsibility for any consequences arising from the User's lack of information about changes in the Order occurred due to reasons beyond the control of the REUNION (cancellation or postponement of the flight, delay by the User's Bank of payment of the Order, change of tariffs, etc.), the User bears, subject to compliance with the procedure for notifying the User of any changes in the Order.



3.1.The order is made by the User independently on the Site. For each passenger in one order should be given a unique combination of first and last name. Passengers with the same name and surname are identified by the airline booking system as one person regardless of passport data and date of birth. For one passenger, one order must be issued for the same parameters (date, route, airline, flight, surname / name), in order to avoid displaying "double" booking prohibited by airlines in the system. Airlines reserve the right, at their own discretion, to rent seats, cancel their reservation and not to accept passengers who have registered a "double" booking in the system. REUNION has the right to cancel one of these or both armor upon detection and is not liable for any consequences related to the user's registration of more than one order per one passenger for the same parameters, including if at the time of the re-booking the originally created reservation was not paid by the User

3.2. With all the terms of the Order, the user is acquainted in the process of booking. In the event that the User does not understand any terms of the Order, including the terms of refusal, return, making any changes to the Order, the User must specify the information he needs from the Operator.

3.3. When completing the Order, the User must fill in all the fields indicated in the Booking System as "mandatory" for filling in.

3.4. Orders issued by the User are final and subject to automated processing in the Data Processing System of the REUNION. By the payment of the Order, the User confirms his agreement with this Offer Contract, as well as the consent with all the details of his trip, including the dates of the flight, the time of departure, transfer, passenger data, class of service. After the user has paid the order, electronic tickets for the booked transportation services are automatically generated in the System or executed Operator REUNION in the reservation system. Tickets issued by one of these methods are placed in the personal account of the User on the Site and sent to the e-mail address specified during registration. In some cases, air tickets are issued within 6 hours from the moment of payment of the Order. In case of late receipt of information about the payment of the Order by the User, cancellation of the booking by the airline or other reasons beyond the control of the REUNION, the User's Order is canceled and can be restored by processing it by the Operator of the REUNION considering such orders.

3.5. Changing the personal data of any of the passengers in the issued and paid Order leads to the loss of the forces agreed in the Order, and it is possible only by making a refund of such an air ticket, with holding the penalties provided for by the tariff and issuing a new Order. Thus, the User assumes all possible commercial risks (execution of a new Order, change of tariff, change of the air ticket cost, refund of money, etc.) related to his actions for making mistakes, inaccuracies in the provision of requested data by REUNION when ordering.



4.1. The cost of the Order is determined when the Order is made and includes the cost of transportation by air ticket established by the Airline and the service fee of the REUNION for providing booking and ticketing services (if any). The cost of the Order is set in rubles. The cost can be changed by the Airline unilaterally. When the User orders the Order by a bank card on the Site, depending on the Airline chosen by the User, the payee may be REUNION or the Airline chosen by the User, based on the rules and requirements established by the Airline under the corresponding User's order. The Order cost is indicated On the Site on-line and can be changed by the airline unilaterally. If there are errors in indicating the cost of the Order that have arisen in the reservation system, regardless of the actions of the REUNION, the REUUNION will inform the User about this in the manner provided for in paragraph 2.4. actual agreement. The user may choose to confirm the order on a corrected value or cancel the order. If it is impossible to contact the User within 24 hours in the manner specified in clause 2.4. Of this Agreement, it is considered that the User did not agree with the changes in the value, in connection with which the Order is canceled. If the Order canceled in accordance with this paragraph was paid, the REUNION transfers to the User the funds paid for the Order for the User Account, from which, upon a written application. They can be returned to the User in accordance with the conditions set forth in the Agreement in the section on refunding air tickets.

4.2.The term of payment of the Order (time-limit) is indicated on the Site at the time of execution of the Order, as well as in the service letter sent to the user by the user of the order sent to the user. In case of delay in the specified term of payment by the User or receipt of payment after the expiry of the specified period,  The order paid after the expiration of the established period of payment can be restored by the Operator of the REUNION if there is an air ticket in the Booking System corresponding to all parameters (route, dates, flight, the price and other conditions) not timely paid and cancel the order. To do this, the user must apply in REUNION with his request via the contact form or by call.

4.3. Payment methods are indicated on the Site.

4.4. REUNION has the right to charge additional service fees from the User - for the services of booking and issuing electronic tickets, as well as for processing the procedure for the return and exchange of a previously issued ticket. The availability and amount of these fees depends on the conditions provided by the carrier. The service charge for the execution of tickets is included in the cost of the Order, and in the event of a voluntary return of tickets by the User, it is not subject to refund. The service charge for the return of the air ticket is established unilaterally by REUNION, the exact amount should be specified at Operator on the day of registration of the return.

4.5. Features of payment of the Order with the help of bank cards: 4.5.1. In accordance with the regulations of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation "On Issue of Bank Cards and on Operations Conducted with the Use of Payment Cards" dated 24.12.2004 No. 266-P, operations on bank cards are made by the card holder or by the person authorized by him.4.5.2. The order of payment with the help of bank cards is indicated on the Site.4.5.3. Authorization of operations with bank cards made payment system through which the payment transaction is carried out. If the payment system has reason to believe that the operation is fraudulent, then the system has the right to refuse to carry out this operation. Fraudulent transactions with bank cards fall under the scope of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation. Respectively Article 159 of the Criminal Code fraud is theft of someone else's property or the acquisition of the right to someone else's property by deception or abuse of trust and is punishable by a fine of up to 120,000 rubles or in the amount of the salary or other income of the convicted person for a period of up to 1 year, or by compulsory labor for up to 180 years hours, or correctional labor for a period of 6 months to 1 year, or by arrest for a period of 2 to 4 months, or by imprisonment for up to 2 years. 4.5.4. When paying, in order to avoid cases of various kinds of misuse of bank cards all Orders registered on the Site and paid by a bank card are checked by the REUNION. According to the Rules of International Payment Systems, in order to verify the identity of the owner and his eligibility for using the card, the User who issued such an Order must provide two pages of the passport of the owner of the bank card - a spread with a photograph, as well as a copy of the bank card from both Parties (the card number must be closed, except for the last four digits) by e-mail in the form of scanned copies. In the event that the requested documents are not submitted by the User within the timeframe specified in the request of the REUNION or if there are doubts as to their authenticity, REUNION reserves the right to cancel the Order without giving any reasons. The order price is returned to the card holder.



5.1. All conditions of the Order, including: making any changes to the issued Orders (electronic air tickets), refusal of the air transportation service, refund of the air ticket, as well as other conditions for the provision of air transportation services are governed by the rules of the tariff for this service established by the airline, air transportation with the relevant airline, this agreement, the current legislation of the Russian Federation and applicable international acts. Change of the booked and paid Order is carried out in the following order: Airline exchange means change of departure date or class of service. In this case, the exchange of an airplane ticket is possible only if the following conditions are met:

Only for the same airline ticket

Only in the same direction

Only if this operation is allowed by the terms of application of the tariff.

The exchange of the air ticket will not be possible for another person or other direction of the flight, and also if the passenger's personal data need to be changed in the air ticket. When changing the name, type or number of the identity document, the date of birth, a new air ticket is required. As a general rule, the shorter the departure time, the greater the penalty for the airline. It is better to make an exchange more than 48 hours prior to departure on the ticket. When carrying out the voluntary exchange of the ticket, the passenger has the opportunity to change only the date, time of departure and class of service. Changing the route is prohibited. If the conditions of transportation are changed, charges may be levied on the rules of the Airline or the conditions of the applied tariff. For the exchange of air tickets, you must apply to the REUNION, where the ticket was purchased initially or to the air carrier company. The ticket purchased by the user in the direction "round-trip", or a ticket in any direction with a transfer, or an air ticket on a complex route with several destinations, including with a land segment, is a single ticket consisting of several flight segments. Change of individual destinations on such a ticket, in the absence of permission for such a change from airline, entails the cancellation of the Order and the design of a new one on the chosen route. As a general rule, the non-use of one of the flight segments of such a ticket entails the annulment by the airline of all subsequent flight segments. To clarify the possibility of separate use of flight segments of the ticket in the direction of "round-trip" or other type of ticket specified in this paragraph (if you are late for a flight and other similar situations), the passenger is obliged to apply to the carrier providing transportation services in the chosen direction.

5.3. In the event that the User wants to cancel the Order for any reason, he can: - cancel the unpaid Order on the Site, - carry out the refund of the paid Order, for this purpose, send an appropriate application from the personal cabinet in the manner provided for by the Refund Rules: Return of the ticket has a tariff according to which such a ticket was purchased. Some tariffs do not provide for the possibility of a return. As a rule, cheap tickets are the hardest to return. More precisely, the return itself is possible, but because of certain penalties, the passenger will receive much less than he has spent. For most carriers, cheap fares are irrecoverable. The passenger agrees with all the rules of return of the relevant airline and its penalties, as well as the amount of compensation that it will receive. Forced refund of the air ticket: In most cases, the grounds for the forced return are:

With the complete cancellation, transfer or significant delay of the flight through the fault of the air carrier;

If the airline refuses to land at the destination specified in the ticket;

In case of cancellation of connecting flights in case of transfer;

If the class of service specified in the ticket is changed;

Death of a passenger or a member of his family:

 Refunds are made only after the airline recognizes this refund as forced. Please note that the average period for processing an application for forced return by the airline is 1 month. If the User does not have the opportunity to issue a refund from the personal cabinet (lack of access to the Internet, etc.), the User must contact the Operator by phone to clarify the possibility of cancellation of the Ticket / Ticket Verbally and at confirmation of such possibility to cancel the order / cancel tickets / remove seats. The order is considered to be annulled by the REUNION after it has been granted the status "Annulled" in the REUNION System. The ticket is refunded in the manner prescribed by the Ticket Refund Policy. In case of cancellation by the User of the Order, payment for which was made by the User by a credit card on the Site and entered directly into the Airline, the cost of the canceled air ticket, minus the penalties and other deductions provided by the Rules of the Airline, shall be transferred by the airline to the User's card with which the payment was made without participation of the REUNION. In the event of cancellation by the User of a paid Order, payment for which was received by the REUNION, the cost of the canceled Order, minus the actual costs of the REUNION, to the holder on the details specified in the application for a refund after receiving the appropriate permission from the airline. The actual costs are understood as expenses incurred by the REUNION in order to organize the execution of the User's Order for the reservation of air tickets, the voluntary exchange of air tickets, including fines withheld by carriers and other persons providing ticketing services, as well as the service fee charged by the REUNION for the provision of services In case of its availability). The actual expenses incurred by the REUNION during the voluntary exchange of air tickets, in the form of fines and fees listed in the airline, and the collection of the REONON for the provision of services, shall not be refundable, including in the event of subsequent forced refund of air tickets. The funds are returned to the User in the manner provided for in the Agreement. The user's funds credited to his User account may be used by the User to pay for subsequent Orders or returned to the User at the details specified by the User in the relevant application.

5.7. In exceptional cases, in accordance with the sole decision of the REUNION, in order to suppress unfair acts on the use of the resource http: // mambo24travel .com / ru, as well as making bookings without the intention of using them, the REUNION is entitled to withhold from the money returned to the User for cancellation of the booking to 5 % of the amount of the order as a reimbursement of actually incurred by the REUUNION expenses for processing payments and bank charges of expenses. The expiration date of the return ticket is established by the tariff rules and in any case does not exceed 12 months from the date of commencement of the trip. For a completely unused ticket, the expiration date is calculated from the date of issuance of the ticket. 



6.1. Guarantees and liability of the REUNION will not be liable to the User in the event of complete or partial inoperability of the system and its components for a period of time, and also in the absence of the User's access to the system or any indirect or direct costs incurred by them in connection with these circumstances. All offers, prices, and terms of sale can be changed without notice to the User, limited in time, availability of places and terms of the Preliminary Order, travel dates, minimum or maximum stay at destination, weekend and holiday factors, seasonal price fluctuations, waiting lists, as well as strikes and work temporarily, reservation systems and / or subject to other changes, conditions and limitations.

6.1.2. REUNION is not responsible for any negative consequences and losses incurred as a result of events or circumstances outside its area of ​​expertise, as well as actions (inaction) of third parties, namely: - in the case of impossibility of performance of its obligations due to unreliability, failure and untimely information and documents provided by the user or the User's breach of this Agreement or the requirements to documents - for the actions of carriers (change, cancellation, postponement of flights, trains, buses and other vehicles, changes in the cost of tickets, the withdrawal rate of sale, cancellation of unpaid or paid reservation), for safety, loss or damage to baggage, cargo, valuables and documents of the passengers for the duration of their trip. In these cases, aviation carriers are liable to passengers in accordance with international rules and the current legislation of the Russian Federation. The claims of passengers are considered by carriers on the basis of the legislation of the Russian Federation and the rules of international transportation - for the actions of customs and immigration authorities - for restricting the passenger's right to leave the Russian Federation or other point of departure by the competent authorities of the country concerned - for the actions of consulates of foreign countries, including delay or failure of the change in the timing of issuing entry visas; - the consequences of violations of the passenger customs and border formalities, travel and baggage rules, as well as disorders I have special rules of behavior in the country of temporary residence - for the lack of passenger travel documents received from REUNION - for absence or delay of passengers on the flight check, to the place of departure of the train, - for non-passengers established carrier of rules of conduct on board the aircraft; - for The absence of issued foreign passports from passengers at the time of commencement of travel, the relevant documents governing the departure of minors under the age of 18 - for the authenticity and correctness of registration documents of the passenger (reliability of the information contained therein). 6.2. The user (passenger) confirms and guarantees that he is acquainted and agrees: - with the requirements for registration and availability of documents required for the trip, and assumes all responsibility for the preparation of all necessary documents for the trip. Passengers should inform themselves about and comply with all requirements of the country where he is going, including the requirements for registration documents required for departure and arrival, the need for issuing visas, purchase of a return ticket when entering the country with a visa-free regime for the citizens of the country, which has a corresponding agreement with the Russian Federation, or compliance with other necessary requirements for entry (having health insurance for traveling abroad, proof of sufficient funds, etc.), necessity of registration and other documents for the departure of minors under 18 years of age, animals, permits for the export of arms, art treasures and other permits and approvals. REUNION is not responsible for the ignorance or failure to comply with the passenger of these requirements - with the conditions of the carrier's fare, including a ticket refund and exchange conditions and the terms and conditions of the carriers connecting flights in case of registration of the ticket with a transfer (time enough to carry out transplants, registration of transit visas, etc.), - with the requirements for overseas passports and other formal documents, including the remaining validity of the foreign passport, the required For obtaining a visa and entry to the host country - on the specifics and rules of border (customs) control (regime) of the Russian Federation and foreign countries - on the obligation to comply with customs and border rules - that passengers are solely responsible for the validity of foreign passports , consent to the departure of children and other documents necessary for crossing the border, for the reliability of the information contained in these documents - that the deportation of a passenger with invalid entry or exit documents is performed entirely by the passenger. The passenger must independently obtain the necessary information on the procedure for deportation in the consulate of the country concerned. The parties are exempted from responsibility for improper performance or failure to fulfill obligations under this Agreement in the event of force majeure circumstances, such things as fire, epidemic, earthquake, terrorist act, flood, hurricane, storm, tsunami, landslide, other natural disasters and cataclysms, military actions of any kind, strikes, imposition of emergency or martial law, embargoes, changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation or the host country or transit, customs and sanitary control, the cancellation of bus, ferry and other transport services, taxi routes, traffic on the roads, the issuance of regulatory acts by the authorities, which resulted in the impossibility of proper performance by the Parties of their obligations and other circumstances to which the parties can not influence and prevent. On the occurrence (and termination) specified in paragraph

6.3. Of the present agreement of circumstances, the Party for which the impossibility of fulfilling the obligations under this contract has arisen is obliged to immediately notify the other Party. Failure to notify or untimely notice of such circumstances deprives the Party of the right to refer to these circumstances and does not exempt from liability under this agreement. The term of performance of obligations by the Parties under this agreement shall be extended in proportion to the time during which such circumstances will operate. If the circumstances continue for more than 14 (fourteen) days, each of the Parties will have the right to refuse performance of obligations under this agreement. The existence of these circumstances is confirmed by appropriate decisions of the federal bodies of state power, public authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation, local self-government bodies adopted by them in accordance with federal laws.

6.5. In the event of these circumstances, the Parties are entitled to demand the termination of the contract in court. 



7.1. All textual information and graphic images on the Site are the property of REUNION and / or its counterparties. 7.2. Reprinting, reproduction in any form, distribution, including in translation, of any materials from the Site is possible only with the written permission of REUNION.

7.3. When using documents and related graphics located on the Site, the following requirements must be observed: - To indicate that the copyright is owned by the REUNION - When reprinting the materials, refer to the Site as the source of publication and indicate other sources of information mentioned in the material. If the materials are posted on the Internet, then a link to the Site should be made - Documents and associated graphic images on the Site can be used only for information, non-commercial or personal purposes - No documents and associated graphics located on the Site. The site must not be changed in any way; - No graphic images located on the Site should be used separately from the accompanying text.

7.4. Documents and associated graphics located on the Site may include inaccuracies or spelling errors. The modification of the information on the Site is made periodically by the REUNION. 



8.1. Provision of information by the User:

8.1.1. When registering on the Site, the User provides the following information: Surname, first name, sex, date of birth, citizenship, passport number, validity period, telephone number, e-mail address, password for access to the Personal Office on the Site. By submitting your personal data when registering on the site, the User agrees to their processing of the REUNION, including for the promotion of the services of the REUNION.

8.2.1. If the User does not wish his personal data to be processed, he must contact the Customer Service Department of the REUNION through the feedback form on the Site. In this case, all information received from the User (including login and password) is deleted from the user database of the REUNION, and the User is deprived of the opportunity to place Orders on the Site.

8.3. The use of information provided by the User and the received RUNUION.

8.3.1 The REUNION uses information: - for registration of the User on the Site - to fulfill its obligations to the User - to evaluate and analyze the work of the Site; - to determine the winner in promotions conducted by the REUNION; Participation in the bonus programs of the REUNION and the airlines.

8.3.2. REUNION has the right to send to the User messages of an advertising and information character in the presence of the consent of the User, which can be received by the REUNION by putting the mark in the corresponding field by the User. The user has the right to refuse receiving such messages by changing the settings in the personal account on the Site. Disclosure of information received by REUNION:

8.4.1. REUNION undertakes not to disclose the information received from the User. It is not considered a violation of the provision of the user's personal data and relevant information to the carriers, agents and third parties acting on the basis of a contract with the REUNION for the fulfillment of obligations to the User.

8.4.2. The disclosure of information in accordance with the reasonable and applicable requirements of the law is not considered a violation of obligations. 8.5. RUNION receives information about the IP-address of the visitor of the Site. This information is not used to identify the visitor. 8.6. REUNION is not responsible for the information provided by the User on the Site in a public format.



9.1. The law of the Russian Federation applies to the relationship between the User and the REUNION. 9.2. Should the User has any questions, Customer Service Department of the REUNION should be contacted at the telephone number indicated on the Site or through the Feedback form on the Site. In the event that the User has a claim directly to the quality of the operation of the REUNION, the User shall submit a written claim within 20 (twenty) days from the date of the origin of the dispute. Within 10 (ten) days, the REUNION examines the claim and sends a reasonable answer to the User. The parties will try to resolve all the disputes arising through negotiation, if the agreement is not reached, the dispute will be referred to the judicial body at the location of the RJUES.

9.3. Recognition by a court of the invalidity of any provision of this Agreement does not entail the invalidity of the remaining provisions.

9.4 Upon registration on the Site, the User agrees to receive advertising and information messages from the REUNION. These mailings contain information about the Application and / or on upcoming promotions and other events of the REUNION, including promotional messages and special offers.

9.5 The messages are received as a voice message and / or a short message (short text message) from the REUNION on its mobile phone and / or electronic Letters to the address specified by the User at registration. Advertising and information materials can be presented in the form of paper and printed products and souvenirs, invested in the order of the User and delivered to the specified postal address in the form of letters and parcels.

9.6 The user has the opportunity to unsubscribe from the mailing list by clicking on the link in the text of the email.

I accept the terms of the Agreement and confirm the total amount due, including all taxes and fees.